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The trust provides scholarships to the talented but economically and socially backward students through competitive examinations, to make them competent to acquire higher education

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Health Care

With this programme the trust aims to support persons suffering from major illness and financially incapable to get proper medical care. This programme is funded through donations.

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Millions of children in the planet earth die due to malnutrition. The trust runs this programme with an aim to provide food for at least one time to children through temples and orphanages.

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The Trust provide some cash support to those who are homeless, landless and who suffered from earthquake, fire, floods, landscape and any other wrath of the goddess.

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Social works

The Trust also helps society on building Schools, colleges, Hospitals, Temple Church, Gurudwara, Public toilets, Public water taps, Damp, Roads, Savings forests, saving rivers, saving and caring wildlife, supporting Fests and festivals, marriage ceremony, Death ceremony and every social works.

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